Working Warehouse with Lunch Room and Kitchen

Rate stated is for WEEKENDS only (both day and night) - 12 hour minimum. WEEK DAY shoots are allowed from 6PM-6AM only (night time) - WEEK DAY rates: Student - $400 for 12 hours, Independent - $600 for 12 hours, Commercial - $800 for 12 hours. Week days minimum hours could be negotiable.

Los Angeles, CA


3000 ft2

Min 12 hours

Industrial Warehouse

Electricity Exterior Use Furnished Holes can be made to hang props (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Interior Use Lunch Area Makeup Area Refrigerator Secure Smoking Allowed Outside Street Parking Truck unload space Walls can be painted (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Wheelchair Access Wifi

Painting walls or making holes in the walls has to be negotiated prior to the shoot. Do not use the forklift. Tennis balls on stands. All trash must be taken with you (no use of house dumpsters). More rules have to be discussed prior to the shoot.

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