How Does It Work For Property Owners & Managers?

  1. Fill out the checklist for your RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL property. If you are listing multiple properties, please use a separate checklists for each one.
    • If professional photos need to be taken, we will set up an appointment for a complementary photography session with you.
  2. You will receive a link by email explaining our terms and conditions.
    • Please read through the terms and conditions carefully. You will have the option to accept or decline them. If you accept, your property will be listed on our website. If you decline, we will cancel the listing process.
  3. Once the listing is up and running, film professionals will be able to reserve your property:
    • LOCATION SCOUTING — crew members visit your property to decide if it fits their project. Sometimes they may visit your property more than once before finalizing the decision.
    • RESERVATIONS — bookings to rent your property for a production. These reservations are made at least 48 hours in advance.
    • Once they make the reservation, you will receive an email to confirm the availability. You will be able to CONFIRM or DECLINE the reservation. If you confirm, the film crew will arrive at your location on the scheduled date and time.
      • IMPORTANT — If your personal schedule conflicts with the shooting dates, we can provide a professional agent to monitor the production, free of charge, so you don't have to worry about the property being unattended.
  4. We only release your information to facilitate the issuance of the insurance certificate. You will receive another email from us with a copy of the insurance certificate under the property owner's or the business's legal name. Also, we will attach CHECK IN and CHECK OUT forms to be filled out during each production day.
  5. We will charge a security deposit on the production's credit card in case the shoot goes overtime, or you need a professional property clean-up.
  6. You will use the CHECK IN list to sign in the crew when they arrive, and the CHECK OUT list to sign them out when they finish production each day. The producer or the person in charge must sign for times of arrival and departure. You can make notes on the list about cleaning, minor damages and evaluations of the crew. The CHECK IN/OUT lists give us the right to withhold the appropriate amount from the production's deposit.
  7. Once we receive the CHECK IN/OUT forms from you, the system will automatically make a direct deposit to your bank account in the amount that you have earned.
    • IMPORTANT — We won't ask for your bank information and W9 form until the first reservation is made for your property.

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