How Does It Work For Property Owners & Location Managers?

STEP 1: Fill out CHECKLIST for you RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL property (for multiple properties please use separate checklists.

STEP 2: If professional photos needs to be taken, we will set up an appointment with you.

STEP 3: You will receive a link via email to your property/properties listing with Terms and Conditions.

STEP 4: Read through Terms and Conditions, you will have an option to accept or decline.If you accept, your property/properties will be listed on our website. If you decline we will take off your listing.

STEP 5: Once listing is up and running, professionals will reserve your property:

a) for a LOCATION SCOUT - when crew members come visit your property to decide if it fits their project (they might make more than one visit before they reserve)

b) for the SHOOT DATES - no less than 48 hours in advance.

Once they make the reservation, you will receive an email from us and you will be able to CONFIRM or DECLINE the reservation. If you confirm, film crew will arrive at your location on the day/time they reserved.

IMPORTANT: If your personal schedule conflicts with the shoot, we can provide Monitor from our company to make sure everything goes smooth and you won't have to worry about anything. Free of charge.

STEP 6: We only release PROPERTY OWNER'S information for the Insurance Certificate issuance. You will receive another email from us with copy of Insurance Certificate under your property owner's name or legal business name. Also, we will attach form to fill out for CHECK IN and CHECK OUT after each production day.

STEP 7: We hold up to $500 deposit on production's credit card, in case they go overtime or leave mess.

STEP 8: When crew arrives, you use CHECK IN/OUT LIST - you sign them in each day (producer or whoever is in charge must sign for time of arrival) when they finish production each day- you sing them out (producer or whoever is in charge must sign for time of departure) You can make notes on the list about cleaning, minor damages, evaluation of the crew. This CHECK IN/OUT LIST will give us the right to withhold appropriate amount from production's deposit.

STEP 9: Once we receive CHECK IN/OUT LIST from you, system will automatically Direct Deposit amount you made into your bank account.

IMPORTANT: We won't ask for your bank information and W9 until first reservation made for your property.

STEP 10: Let's see who reserved next?