How Does It Work For Filmmakers And Their Productions?

STEP 1: Choose Location Type (house, restaurant, office, etc.) and Production Type (student, independent, or commercial).
  • Student (must provide proof of the production's student status, such as a student letter, student ID, or any other documents validating the student status)
  • Independent (must provide proof production's independent status, such as a SAG agreement or other documents validating independent status)
  • Commercial (must reserve using the Commercial booking rates)

STEP 2: Like something you've seen on our site? Want to scout it? SIGN UP!
  • You can scout as many locations as you want. We charge $40 per project.
  • IMPORTANT: If you book the location, you will receive $20 back on one of the locations you scouted.
  • Have no time to scout? You can BOOK instantly, and we will do our best to accommodate your shoot.
  • If you can't find what you are looking for, our agents will be happy to search for needed locations at NO cost to you.

STEP 3: Once you decide on the location(s), Click RESERVE and choose dates/times for your shoot.
On the Shopping Cart screen, you will be asked to provide production information and upload some requested documents before checking out.

STEP 4: We charge 15% per reservation, plus the credit card processor's service fee of 3%, for a total fee of 18%. For example, if rental fee total is $500, you will be charged $500 + 18% = $590.
We GUARANTEE the lowest rates for both student and independent productions.
We also charge a refundable security deposit fee. For student productions, this amount is $300, for independent productions it's $500, and for commercial productions it is $1000. This deposit is fully refundable if no extra costs are added during principal photography - such as cleaning fees, overtime charges or damages.
IMPORTANT: Your card is not charged until the owner approves your reservation. The owner has 48 hours to approve, decline, or make a counter offer on your reservation.

STEP 5: Once the owner approves your reservation, you will get an email with detailed information regarding the insurance certificate. You will need to send a copy of the insurance certificate at least one week before the first day of principal photography.
IMPORTANT: Your insurance policy must have at least $1,000,000 of general liability coverage.

STEP 6: We make sure that all the proper paperwork is in place for the production. This includes insurance, permits, and other industry-standard documentation.
Once everything is cleared, you are all set to start your principal photography.

STEP 7: If your shoot has no overtime, cleaning fees, or damages, you will receive your deposit back 3-5 business days after the last day of principal photography.