How Does It Work For Filmmakers & Productions?

STEP 1: Choose Location Type (House, Restaurant, Office etc) and Production Type (Student, Independent, Commercial).
  • Student (with reservation must provide proof such as student letter, student id or any other documentations that validate the Student status of the production)
  • Independent (with reservation must provide proof such as SAG agreement, or any other documentations that validate the Independent status of the production)
  • Commercial (full rate without discount)

STEP 2: Liked something? Want to scout it? SIGN UP!
  • You can scout as many locations as you want. We charge $40 per scout day. If you schedule all scouts on the same day, you just pay $40.
  • IMPORTANT: If you BOOK on our website one of the locations you scouted you get $20 back.
  • Have no time for the scout? You can BOOK instantly and we will do our best to accommodate your shoot.
  • If you can't find what you are looking for, we have agents, they will be happy to search for locations you need at NO cost to you.

STEP 3: Once you decided on the location(s), Press On RESERVE, choose Dates/Times for your shoot.
In the Shopping Cart, you will be asked before the check out to provide production information and upload requested documents.

STEP 4: We charge 15% per reservation plus Stripe service fee 3% for credit card transaction = 18%.
For example rental cost $500/day you will be charged $500 + 18% = $590
Even though you are getting charged extra 18 percent, we GUARANTEE lowest rates for Students and Independent Productions. We also hold deposit on your card for students productions: $300, for independent: $500, for commercial: $1000. This deposit is fully refundable if no extra cost added during principal photography such as cleaning fee, overtime charges, damages.
IMPORTANT: Your card won't get charged until owner approves your reservation. Owner has 48 hours to approve, decline or counter offer your reservation.

STEP 5: Once owner approves your reservation, you will get an email with detailed information for the Insurance Certificate. You will have to send a copy of Insurance Certificate at least 1 week before the first principal photography day.
IMPORTANT: your insurance policy must have at least $1,000,000 General Liability coverage.

STEP 6: We make sure all proper paperwork is in place for production such as insurance, permits and other industry standard documentations.
Once everything is cleaned you are good to start your principal photography.

STEP 7: If your shoot goes well with no overtime, cleaning fee or damages - you will receive your deposit back in 3-5 business days after last principal photography day.