Rental Policy For Filmmakers & Productions

  • The producer agrees to furnish liability insurance and reimburse the owner for any and all liabilities, damages, broken items, and property negligence arising from its use of the owner's property, whether or not these are covered in the liability insurance.
  • The producer and his/her crew will bring equipment as well as personal items into the location.
  • The producer agrees that, with the owner's permission, if it becomes necessary to change, alter, or rearrange any of the equipment on the property belonging to owner, the producer shall return and restore said equipment to its original place and condition or repair it if necessary.
  • The producer and his/her crew are entitled to photograph and/or record the interior and exterior of the location at will during the production, without the agent and owner having influence on the way in which the recording will feature the location.
  • The producer agrees to keep confidential any information and/or material he/she learns or receives as a result of the location being used for the production.