FAQ for Home & Business Owners

What are the rates you ask per day, week, month?
For Commercial properties: PER HOUR
For Residential properties: PER DAY (12 hour days)
Also we need to know the minimum hours, by default it's 4 hours minimum booking.

What is your commission?
We do not charge homeowners and businessowners commission.

Do I charge what I want per day?
We normally evaluate your property and we will propose three rates: Student, Independent and Commercial that we consider competitive for specific production type. These rates are not fixed and you can negotiate your asking price, but we provide the prices as a guideline for what industry averages.

How long is the commitment?
Contract is for 1 year, but you have 90 days at any point to notify us if you want to cancel the contract. (online type of contact)

Why do you think they will use your service in particular?
Actually, currently there is only one company (website) that is trying to do what we are doing but they are in Canada. There is nothing like this currently in the US market. We will have best rates in town that cannot be beat. Film industry is waiting for this website release. Founder of this company is a film producer and has a lot of projects and knows good amount of people, who will advertise the website. We are 100% sure; this is the future of Film Location industry. They will use it, because it's easy to use, they can see rates (none of other film location websites do it)

Is there a higher rate if the filming is a long day, as they are quite often?
We charge a prorated fee for booking longer than 12 hours. For example if commercial production is $650 for 12 hours, you will make for 16 hours $866. If they overstay their booked time they will pay hourly rate plus 20% for each Overtime hour

How is payment set up?
Direct deposit after every production or each month

What about the cancellation policy?
The cancellation from hosts can be made 60 days before 1st production date for free. If cancellation is made between 60 and 30 days before starting of filming we will withhold 18% from your next rental (but 18% from the amount of canceled booking) If cancellation is made less than 30 days, we will withhold 30% (but 30% from the amount of canceled booking)
The cancellation from production can only be made 30 days before 1st production date for free, if they decided to cancel less than 30, they will have to pay 30% from the rental cost. if they decided to cancel less than a week they will have to pay 50%