FAQ for Home & Business Owners

What are the rates I can charge?
You can set your own booking rates. We normally evaluate your property and propose three rates (Student, Independent and Commercial) that we consider competitive for specific production types. These rates are not fixed and you can negotiate your asking price, but we provide these numbers as a guideline based on the industry average and the prices of other properties listed with us.

Can I request minimum hours to be booked?
Yes, you can choose the minimum number of hours you want to rent the property for. The typical ranges are 4, 8 and 12 hours per day.

Do I pay any commission for your services?
No, we do not charge property owners any commission. You will get the full amount of your booking rentals.

How long is my commitment?
Our standard contract is for one year, but you may cancel it at any point, as long as you give us 90 days notice.

Why should I list with your website, instead of somewhere else?
We are a unique service based in the US, and the only one focused specifically on filming rentals. We guarantee the best rates to our customers, and do not charge owners any commission. Our founder is a film production veteran who leverages her industry contacts to attract filmmakers to the website. We are convinced that our service represents the future of the film location industry.

Do I earn a higher rate if the filming takes longer than the standard maximum of 12 hours?
Yes, we charge a prorated fee for bookings longer than 12 hours. If producers overstay their booked time, they will pay the hourly rate plus 20% for each overtime hour. For example, if the rate for a commercial production is $650 for 12 hours, you will make $866 for 16 hours.

How do I get paid?
You will receive a direct deposit directly to your bank account, either after every production or once a month, depending on your preference.

What is the cancellation policy?
Hosts can cancel 60 days before the first production day at no charge. If a cancellation is made between 60 and 30 days before the starting of filming, we will withhold 18% from your next rental (18% of the amount of the canceled booking). If a cancellation is made less than 30 days before shooting, we will withhold 30% (30% of the amount of the canceled booking).
Producers can cancel 30 days before the first production date for free. If they cancel less than 30 days prior, they will have to pay 30% of the rental cost. If they cancel less than a week prior, they will have to pay 50%.