Workshop Space and Office

2 Floor Business Space with an industrial look. Available for use are the main office, work space, storage space upstairs and 2 bathrooms. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM to 4:30PM. IMPORTANT. Rates stated are for Non-Business Hours only. If you need to shoot during business hours the rates are the following: Student and Independent - $300/h, Commercial - $400/h.

Los Angeles, CA

Retail Space

2300 ft2

Min 8 hours

Industrial Office Retail space Store Studio Workshop

Electricity Exterior Use Furnished Holes can be made to hang props (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Interior Use Pet Friendly Private Parking: 1 Refrigerator Secure Smoking allowed inside for the scene Smoking Allowed Outside Street Parking Truck unload space Walls can be painted (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Wheelchair Access Wifi

Please consider that the area is residential, so anything has to be done with respect and without noise. Equipment in the workshop space can be moved, hidden, etc under supervision. Ram board on the floor. Tennis balls on stands. All trash must be taken with you (no trash disposal at the property). House power can only be used for small lights (no Joker 800, M18 and higher).

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