Huge Club Venue with Bars and Lounges

Three Floor Club with Stage. Extra Fees: required security - $35 an hour, required production manager on site - $650 for 12 hours. Depending on what the shoot is, you will need to pay for our lighting designer, video tech (if the screens need to be on), audio tech. Business Hours: Thu (10PM-3AM), Fri (9PM-5AM), Sat (10PM-7AM). The rest of the days are available per request. Private parking is available for $20 a car for a day. Truck parking - quote case by case.

Bar Club Dressing Room Lounge Stage Theater

Balcony Changing Rooms Electricity Exterior Use Furnished Interior Use Lunch Area Makeup Area Patio Private Parking Secure Smoking allowed inside for the scene Smoking Allowed Outside Street Parking Truck unload space Wheelchair Access Wifi

No rooftop use, no functioning office use. No drilling, painting, changing structure. No drugs.

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