Huge Surrealistic Upper Ranch with Mountains and Forest

If you want to shoot for less than 12 hours we will have to work on a case-by-case basis depending on the shoot and its scale. This upper ranch is a part of a property that is 43 acres with a number of different paradigms. Multiple buildings with multiple floors which can be used for shooting or for accessory uses for production. Natural forested areas, barns, houses, unique constructions. Many structures and buildings are built out of recycled and thrown away materials. If you want to see lower ranch - follow this link

Art Gallery Auto Repair Shop Bar Basement Club Forest Industrial Junk Yard Mountains Office Scrap Yard Stage Studio Surrealistic

Animals available for rent Balcony Changing Area Electricity Exterior Use Furnished Holes can be made to hang props (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Interior Use Lunch Area Makeup Area Patio Pet Friendly Pool Private parking spaces: 180 Refrigerator Secure Smoking allowed inside for the scene Smoking Allowed Outside Street Parking Truck unload space Walls can be painted (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Wifi

500 Gallon Water Truck is required. Filmmakers must respect the physical integrity of what has been built. Any object or thing, however insignificant it may seem, is a part of the overall tapestry of the whole. If you want to use something as a prop or move something just check with our on site manager before doing so and under no circumstances is something to be removed without permission. One is required to adhere to the usual precautions in terms of fire safety, stunt work, etc.

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