Unfurnished Two Story House in Wrightwood

House is Two Story: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Loft Upstairs. Nature surrounded, is in the mountains, about 6000ft elevation, located in a quiet neighborhood. Please note that during winter (DEC-FEB) the snow reaches about 5ft.

San Bernardino, CA


1950 ft2

Min 6 hours

1920s Cabin Craftsman Single Family House Two Story Unfurnished

Electricity Exterior Use Holes can be made to hang props (after the shoot returned to the same condition) Interior Use Patio Pet Friendly Private parking spaces: 5 Refrigerator Secure Smoking Allowed Outside Street Parking Truck unload space Unfurnished Walls can be painted (after the shoot returned to the same condition)

No sexual content. Please don't make noise. Residential area. No parking on the nearby properties. Be respectful and mindful of the neighbors. All trash must be taken with you (no use of house dumpsters). House power can only be used for small lights (no Joker 800, M18 and higher). No smoking inside the property. All alterations to the space have to be done upon agreement with the owner.

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