Elevator Office Hotel Luxury Apartment

Price is only for filming in the Elevator. Extra $20h for students, $40h for indie and $60h for commercials to use space for staging, make-up, bathrooms, lunch. You can bundle with other locations in this building: https://www.locations.film/location/672 https://www.locations.film/location/671 https://www.locations.film/location/670 https://www.locations.film/location/669 https://www.locations.film/location/668 https://www.locations.film/location/667 https://www.locations.film/location/666

Los Angeles, CA


Min 6 hours

Building Elevator Elevator Hotel Elevator Luxury Apartment Elevator Luxury Building Elevator Office Building Elevator Wooden Elevator

Electricity Pet Friendly Wheelchair Access

All trash must be taken with you (no use of house dumpsters). House power can only be used for small lights (no Joker 800, M18 and higher)

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