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How Can We Help You?

Need A Location Quickly?

You can find and instantly book a location 48 hours before your first principal photography day.

Need Multiple Locations?

You can search and book multiple locations in single shopping session.

On A Tight Budget?

We guarantee the best rates for independent and student productions!

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Contact us and we will find the perfect location for your project at no additional cost.

Our Advantages

Best Locations

Search the best locations in California, ranging from homes and studios to commercial properties, restaurants, warehouses, gas stations, stores & more.

Easy Search

Select the type of project you are producing (student, independent or commercial), then search locations by type and (optionally) city.

Instant Booking

You can book a scouting session to preview locations, or reserve locations instantly if you don't need to scout.

Easy Payment

No more hassle with mailing checks. Pay securely online with any credit card. Your card is only charged when your booking is confirmed.